About Us

Being a prominent Contracts for Difference (CFDs) provider regulated within the region and expanding further, Traders' Hub Limited offers convenient access to worldwide markets through user-friendly trading technology. This facilitates well-informed investment choices on your part.

About Us

Traders' Hub Limited attract attention from clients from all over the world and after solidifying our position on UAE markets we will turn to global expansion.

We are confident that our strategy will be effective, it will enable us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.

Traders' Hub Limited will be always a company with high aspirations aiming to be the very best and we have always had more tasks and plans than we can physically handle and 2021 was not different.

Suhail Al Otaiba



The most crucial area of our activity is IT solutions for the Forex and cryptocurrency market. We are constantly expanding Traders' Hub Limited, our proprietary trading platform for retail Brokers and supporting applications.

We are developing our own technological environment. Modern tools and high-end software will always distinguish us in the market.

Traders' Hub Limited, above all, provides its customers with comfort and peace. Our clients have all the required products at one place.

Ahmed Al Katheeri


Our Mission and Vision

Traders' Hub Limited Brokerage Firm works tirelessly to help individuals and corporates achieve the best and simplest solutions to trade the global markets. Our main concern is our clients' interests, our own success will then follow.

Our Technology

Traders' Hub Brokerage Firm dedicates its fruitful resources and efforts to ensure the client complete continued satisfaction. With access to 1000+ instruments and our top trading platforms, we strive to use the latest technology to give our client the greatest and an intuitive trading experience.

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